CFP Timeline

Below is a recap of the completion of Phase I of the Community Facilities Project. The arena was successfully opened in time for the April, 2012 team roping competion for the Llano Crawfish Open.

The 3 soccer fields were completed 4th quarter 2012 and the soccer fields began to be used in spring, 2013.

The activity on the previously unused 88 acres is phenomenal with the arena facility and soccer fields being utilized most weekends.

Phase II of the project will be the construction of a showbarn adjacent to the covered arena. It will be a climate controlled showbarn and home to the Llano Livestock Show each January. The new facility will be available for other functions throughout the year.

Llano Events Center                                                                     Photo Courtesy of DustDevilDiver Photography

2010/2011: Community Facilities Project

For more details of meetings, click on LEDC minutes in the City of Llano File Repository.

  • Nov.2010: LEDC and City began looking at the possibility of utilizing a portion of an LEDC owned 88-acre tract of land on RR 152, across from the current Community Center and rodeo arena, for a soccer field project that would take about 5 acres. The LEDC began considering this as an alternative location for the rodeo arena.
  • Dec.2010: Voted to put active MPEC contracts in abeyance until alternatives were studied.
  • Jan.2011: The EDC held a special workshop to review the current status of the MPEC and discuss alternative scope, design and location.
  • Jan.2011: Voted to cancel current MPEC contracts and redefined the scope of the project to be: (Phase 1a) covered arena; (Phase 1b) sales barn on 88 acres south of the proposed soccer fields; (Phase 2) new community center in approximate position of current one adjacent to Robinson Park; (Phase 3) amphitheater north of the community center leading toward the pavilion.
  • Feb.2011: Began discussing organization, timeline, design, site plan, utility requirements, bid/purchasing requirements and funding of the Covered Arena project (projected completion April 2012) and the Soccer Field Project (projected completion Fall 2012). Engineers begin working on site plan.
  • Mar.2011: Engineers present initial site plan; Preliminary land clearing begins; Began composing the RFP for rodeo arena.

  • Apr.2011: Discussed: (1) water needs and irrigation systems; (2) amenities for concession area and restroom (3) operation of arena and soccer fields.

  • May.2011: Things really got going! Reviewed engineers’ site plan; discussed driveway plan, entrance and silt fence installation, water supply installation, grading and prep for soccer fields, sprinkler system for soccer fields, grass installation for soccer fields, design for arena facilities, design for arena restroom concession building and soccer field restroom building, rainwater collection, and signage. Payment was authorized for silt fence installation, water supply installation, and sprinkler system for soccer fields.
  • Jun.2011: RFQ proposal for covered rodeo arena received from T. Morrison Construction and reviewed by City and EDC. City crews and engineers worked with LCRA to obtain final construction permits and determine avenues to provide utilities and sewer to facility. Bid packages presented for arena restroom concession building and soccer field restroom building.
  • Jul.2011: RFQ accepted from T. Morrison Construction and negotiation began for design, build and construction management of rodeo arena.
  • Aug.2011: Finalized contract with T. Morrison Construction. Discussed covered arena design and design for arena waste collection system.
  • Sep.2011: Discussed increase in dirt work and expenditures.Tommy Morrison presented 4 options for the covered rodeo arena. Funding options discussed  for project expected to cost approximately $1.5-$2 million.

2011/2012: Community Facilities Project

  • Oct.2011: Discussed: (1) site preparation finish out; (2) funding a revenue bond for $2 million; (3) bid process for subcontractors. Discussed possiblity of Llano Youth Soccer Assoc. volunteering labor to build soccer field restroom building. Reiterated that Show/Sales Barn not part of the current funding package but want to investigate separate funding sources to expedite completion of this phase.
  • Nov.2011: Dirt work will be completed in the next several weeks, and construction is beginning for the new soccer fields and rodeo arena. General Contractor for the arena project, Tommy Morrison, is in the process of soliciting bids, including those submitted by local contractors, for concrete work, plumbing, and electrical services. Bids should be awarded in the next few weeks.
  • Dec.2011: Local contractors awarded bids for plumbing, electrical and concrete work. Construction begins on the rodeo arena building.

  • Jan.2012: Concrete lip constructed on retention pond. Slabs laid out for grandstand area, concession and restroom facility with plumbing infrasture in place. Steel construction continues.

Big steel lifted into place 2/1/2012  Big steel lifted into place 2/1/2012

  • Feb.2012: Construction of restroom and concession building at the rodeo arena is underway. Roofing, then end, sides, and floor of arena to follow. Llano Youth Soccer Assoc. has formed a building committee and is prepared to commence construction of the restroom/concession building at the soccer fields as soon as materials have been purchased.

Arena Progress Feb. 24, 2012 Arena Progress Feb. 24, 2012February 24, 2012

Arena Progress Feb. 24, 2012 Arena Progress Feb. 24, 2012

  • Apr.2012: 128,000 sq. ft. covered rodeo arena completed in time for Team Roping events during Crawfish Festival.

Pictures Below Courtesy of John Hallowell

Rodeo Arena Open Pro Rodeo - June, 2012

Arial view of Covered Rodeo Arena

  • Oct.2012: Soccer fields completed