Digital Painting Demo @ the Llano Fine Arts Guild

Begin Digital Painting: Easy and Fun
Carole K. Boyd
Monday May 2nd 
10:30 am  -  $5
Llano Fine Art Guild

The monthly demo at the Llano Fine Art Guild will held Monday May 2nd at 10:30 am (please note delayed start time). The Demo will be a focus on having some artistic fun with your computer. Using only Microsoft Paint and a mouse, Carole K. Boyd is unique in the field of digital painting, elevating this medium to fine art status. As an emerging digital fine artist, Carole has become recognized and published both locally and nationally and has sold paintings to collectors throughout the United States and abroad. In her daily life, as well as being a digital painter, she is a horsewoman, dressage rider and trainer, an attorney, certified mediator, poet, singer-songwriter and rancher in rural Texas. Her work is currently on display at the Hill Country Visions Exhibit and Sale at the Llano Fine Art Guild through April 30th.

As a digital painter artist Carole uses a software program that is on virtually every computer, Microsoft Paint (MS Paint.) Because this program is both simple to operate and yet capable of producing rather sophisticated results, it is the perfect program to use to learn what digital painting is all about. There are many advantages to painting digitally- no initial outlay of expense, no space needed other than for a computer, no clean up of brushes, no storage space needed for projects, no time frame needed to set aside for a project, and paintings that you want to save are saved as files on the computer for later use or printing. Also, files may be emailed as greetings to family and friends, or printed as cards and mailed. For those who want to explore their talents or see if they are interested in creating art, or for artists who want to try something different, this application is really perfect.

 Starting with an introduction explaining the terminology and array of possibilities to digital art, a slide show follows, showing selected paintings which Carole has done using MS Paint. She will explain how this process begins, from finding MS Paint on a computer to using the various tools available, and  will actually do a painting using the tools provided with MS Paint. Anyone desiring to “paint along” may bring their laptop and give it a try. Finally, she will explain how to size or resize the painting for the purpose intended, how to increase the DPI (dots per inch) of the painting so that it could be successfully printed, and how to save the file for future use in various formats, sizes and DPIs.

Anyone from a non-computer person, a child, or an artist who wants to know more about the digital medium could benefit and be interested in this topic. Please feel free to bring your own Microsoft based PC laptop to the demo. Samples of Carole's finished artwork product will be on hand.

The demo cost is $5 and includes a pot luck lunch at noon. The regular monthly meeting of the Llano Fine Art Guild is held at 1:00 pm the first Monday of the month.  The Llano Fine Art Guild is a non profit organization helping keep the arts alive in Llano. Find us at 503 Bessemer Ave, Llano, TX 78643 or online: 

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