Dream Catcher Demo with Barbara Berkesch

The monthly hands on demo at the Llano Fine Art Guild will be held Monday, October 1st. Barbara Berkesch will demonstrate how to make a 5” dream catcher. The ring will be wrapped in suede lace, then the webbing will be artificial sinew and the lace will be decorated with feathers and wood beads. The attached photo is of one of her dream catchers, it has beads strung into the webbing. It would be easier for everyone to not string beads in the webbing, so the ones that everyone makes will be different from the photo. If anyone has feathers that they would like to use they can bring them to the demo. Barbara is a member of the Llano Art Guild. She makes an assortment of stamped leather art pieces and dream catchers. The demo cost is $5 and includes a potluck lunch at noon, provided by Guild Members. The regular monthly meeting of the Llano Fine Art Guild is held at 1:00 pm. The Llano Fine Art Guild is a 501c3 non-profit organization helping keep the arts alive in Llano for over 50 years. Find us at 503 Bessemer Ave, Llano, TX 78643 or online: http://www.llanofineartsguild.com.

October 1st, 2018 10:00 AM   through   12:00 PM
503 Bessemer Avenue
Llano, TX 78643
United States
Phone: 325-247-4839