Meeting Facilities

Llano is a wonderfully scenic and friendly location that is central to Texas and happy to accommodate your events!  Many folks find us an ideal spot for family gatherings, weddings, reunions and company meetings and retreats.  

Castell School & Community Club, up to 100 guests.  Call 325-247-5024.

Dabbs Railroad Hotel, up to 50 guests.  Call 325-247-2200, 512-914-5306 or 830-798-6614 .

Fall Creek Vinyards call (325) 379-5361

Llano American Legion Hall, up to 250 guests.  Call 325-423-9428.

Llano County Community Center, up to 250 guests.  Call 325-423-9428.

Llano County Library System, up to 80 guests.  Call 325-247-5248.

John L Kuykendall Events Center & Arena. Call 325-248-5937.

Llano Women's Culture Club, up to 40 guests.  Call 325-247-4661.

Oestreich's Rose (next to Inman's Kitchen & Catering), up to 400 guests.  Call 325-247-5257.

Park Ridge Apartments, small to mid-sized meeting facilities.  Call 325-247-5825.

Sandstone Street B&B, up to 75 guests.  Call 325-423-2581.

St. James Schorlemmer Hall, up to 250 guests.  Call 325-423-0959.

The Roost at Castell General Store Call 325-247-4100