• Llano Alliance for Drug Intervention

    Llano Alliance for Drug Intervention(L.A.D.I.) assists Llano County in the prevention and intervention of drug abuse.

    February 2014 has been proclaimed "Drug Awareness Month" by the Mayor of Llano. On March 1, 2014 a Rally will be held at the American Legion Hall beginning at 9am for Llano and surrounding communities. Local and County authorities will share updates concerning the drug arrests in the area. Intervention information will be available. Schools will be represented. Let's make this the newest Community Event.

    L.A.D.I.  provides education concerning drug abuse to Llano ISD each year during the Red Ribbon Week Campaign, speaking to over 1000 children ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade. L.A.D.I.  partners with the Llano Police Department in the school programs, providing Red Ribbons in memory of "Kiki" Camarena. Officer Rub presents information to the children about the dangers of drugs and the laws that are in place for those who choose to use them.

    Christi Lundby at Heart of Hope Counseling & Mediation PLLC, partners with L.A.D.I. to teach and reach those who are already in the drug abuse cycle.  

    L.A.D.I. is an eight year old organization that also partners with Lano ISD, Llano Judicial System and Llano Ministerial Alliance. Together we make a difference educating parents, children and community as well as helping those who are already in the cycle of drug and/or alcohol abuse.

    L.A.D.I. offers the Love Your Child Drug kits at a minimal cost of only $6.00 - Drug Kits and free drug education materials may be obtained at the Llano Alliance for Drug Intervention and Heart of Hope Counseling and Mediation office located at 1203 Ford Street, Llano, Texas.

  • Llano Alliance for Drug Intervention

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