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OUR MISSION:  The mission of the Llano Chamber of Commerce is to engage in projects and activities that have a positive economic impact on the community and serve the members of the Chamber.

The Llano Chamber of Commerce has been in existence since 1919 and was formed “to acquire, preserve and disseminate valuable business information, and generally to promote the interest of trade and increase the facilities of commercial transactions.” As Llano has evolved through the years, we continue to engage in projects that have a positive economic impact on the community and serve the members of the chamber.

The Chamber contracts with the City of Llano to operate and maintain a state of the art Visitor and Tourism Center housed in the recently constructed Railroad Depot Building. Visitors to the center are warmly welcomed and invited to explore all that the Llano area offers.

Nominees for the 2021 Llano Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors





Executive Director, Briley Mitchell; Administrative Assistants, Susan Bunnell & Kim Webb





                                       Briley Mitchell                      Carlton Hanson                                               
                                Executive Director               Chairman of the Board                                   


               John Roberie 1st Vice Chairman  Jim Norfleet 2nd Vice Chairman                 


                          Chris Karrington          Ann Rossberg                            

                  Jerriann Powell

Cheryl Crabtree                 Pamela Huston


At the end of each year, the Chamber provides the opportunity to nominate your family, friends, and neighbors who you believe deserve the titles of:  Educator of the Year (for each of the LISD campuses and Llano Christian Academy), Citizen of the Year, and Hall of Fame.  You may click here to view the nomination form, print it and make as many copies as you would like for the number of nominations you would like to submit, fill them out, and bring them in or mail them to:  Llano Chamber of Commerce at 100 Train Station Drive, Llano, TX  78643.  Please be sure to get them to us by the beginning of January for your submissions to be considered.

Chamber Awards Banquet

The Llano Chamber of Commerce announces each of these winners for  Ag Producer of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Hall of Fame, Business of the Year, and Educators of the Year at our catered banquet; tickets are sold in advance for this event at the Chamber offices.   We will continue to award an Educator of the Year from each L.I.S.D. campus and one from the Christian Academy.

• Open to the public of Llano County
• Need not be a Chamber member to nominate
• Deadline for Nomination will be the second week of January
• Honorees will be announced at the Chamber Annual Banquet at the beginning of February.
• All nominations may be faxed to 325-248-6917, emailed to [email protected] or dropped off in the Ballot Box at the Visitor Center/Chamber Office (available November & December)
• Nominations must be signed to be valid and will be kept confidential
• Nomination forms are available for download from the or can be picked up at the Visitor Center/Chamber Office
• Questions or comments please send to [email protected] or call 325-247-5354

Past Awards Recipients:


– person who actively participates, volunteers, and supports efforts to better our community

1970  George Rogers

1971  M. A. Montgomery

1972  C. M. Reith

1973  Gordon Donop, Sr.

1974  Pearl Herridge

1975  Llano Vol. Fire Dept.

1976  Mallie Crawford

1977  Eugene Russell

1978  Idus Flowers

1979  Henry Buttery

1980  Lester Inman

1981  Una Mae Hopson

1982  R. L. Adams

1983  James Grote

1984  Taylor Virdell

1985  Ross Bauman

1986  Bonnie Faye Sekerak

1987  Jim Foster

1988  Diane Gage

1989  Martha Long

1990  Sue Brewer

1991  Ray Sumrall

1992  Phyllis Farr Alexander

1993  Mike Center

1994  Barbara Hefner

1995  Brenda Schneider

1996  Kim Murray-Graham

1997  Patty Pfister

1998  David Willmann

1999  Mike Reagor

2000  Lance Center

2001  Sarah Oatman Franklin

2002  Floyd Ratliff

2003  Roland Rode

2004  La Nell M. Scott

2005  Rick Durst

2006  Johnny Sawyer

2007  Terry Wootan

2008  Bryan Miiller

2009  Tommi Myers

2010  Patty Pfister

2011  Harold & Joanie Castleman

2012  Doris Messer

2013  Sally Daniel & Fred Smith

2014  Marilyn Hale &

John Caballero

2015  Alice Smith

2016 Toby Fletcher

2017 Worth & Sherri Green

2018 Dena Wilson

2019 Matt and Anita Hilton



 - person recognized for his or her long-term contribution and support for our community

1977  Henry Hoerster M. D.

1978  Carlos Ashley, Sr.

1979  M. C. Dalchau

1980  T. D. Swenson

1981  Alex Hardin

1982  Anne Harrison

1983  Charles Moss

1984  Estella Hoerster

1985  Helen Oatman Buttery

1986  Maebell Dansby

1987  Hal Cunningham

1988  Idus Flowers

1989  Evelyn Gould

1990  Eugene Russell

1991  W. R. “Ross” Bauman

1992  Henry Buttery

1993  Dr. Dan Hoerster

1994  D. Phillip Smith, Jr.

1995  Wilburn Oatman, Jr.

1996  Jim Inks

1997  Theo Crenwelge

1998  Ray Sumrall

1999  Hazel Cunningham

2000  J. R. Tate

2001  Lillie Mae Leifeste

2002  Lawrence Bruhl

2003  Nell Bauman

2004  Norman Grenwelge

2005  James Epperson

2006  Taylor Virdell

2007  John Kuykendall

2008  Bill Needham

2009  Sam Rabb

2010  M.J. Wootan

2011  Hattie Sagabiel

2012  Kirk Winfrey & Sarah Franklin

2013  Faye McDonald

2014  Mike Reagor

2015  David Hawthorne

2016  Roland Rode

2017 Sam Oatman & Gina Schuessler

2018 Robin Chiesa

2019 Terry Wootan


- person who demonstrates exceptional or innovative
capabilities in his or her respective field, and/or made a positive difference in his or her area of  influence

1999 Myrna Mund and Carol Dodgen

2000 Gerry Gilbert, Billie Laning and Dennis Hill

2001 Julie Tedder, Celia Brewer, Karen Schulze and Karl McCormick

2002 Annette Morrison, Cara Ruffin, Emmy Jo Miller, Ida Nell Schuessler and Jill Holland

2003 Lois Laxson, Nancy Light, Thomas Davis and Tim Glover

2004 Euneen Wendt, Lois Laxson,  Joyce Craven, Donna Swope and Dayna Fowler-Haines

2005 Judy Bush, Donna Bergmann, Meloni Puishes and Larry Leifeste

2006 Not Given

2007 Shannon Kasper

2008 Tim Glover and Rimmer Fowler

2009 Donna Swope

2010  Niki Cockerham

2011 Dr. Alice Smith, Lillie Ball, Melinda Ward, Lisa Petty, Winona Parks

2012  Cynthia Lang, Elizabeth Lively, Linda Duggar, Sylvia Arms, Robert Vaade

2013  Jo Ann Smith, Lisa Hill, Terrie Smarr, Estella Givens, Debbie Rabb

2014  Maribeth Albor, Brenda Park, Mike McCravy, Ursula McClendon, Nancy Maples

2015  Diedre Henderson, Chris Carrell, Sandy Oestrich, Allison Parker, Judy Alexander

2016 Sidone Thornton, Jil Dillard, Mary Ellen Halamicek, Karla Van Item, Lori Gray

2017 Sidone Thornton, Jim Freeman, Carol Cunningham, Jennifer Blair, Margaret Bomkamp

2018 Terri Smarr, Jodye Smathers, Eileen Dean, Connie Balusek, Linda Arbaugh

2019 Bonnie Claire Carrol, Jeannie Bailey, Anna Osbourn, Ginger Kassell, Shelly Snow

AG PRODUCER OF THE YEAR                                                Business of the Year
2013  Slator Ranch, Bart & Debbie Gillan                                2017 New Busines-glitzi j's

2014  Joe Freeman                                                               2017 Fuel Coffee House

2015  Tom Ball                                                                     2018 New Business Badu 1891

2016  Jerry & Alberta Allred                                                   2018 Sandstone Street B & B

2017 John Schuessler                                                           2019 New Business TGV

2018 Roland Rode                                                                         Hunting Services

2019 Kenny Smarr                                                                 2019 Texana Outfitters